{Throwback Whatever} Auntie Megan

In honor of this lovely lady visiting soon, here are some shots from her last Oregon visit that never got shared. November 2015 – we decided to go play outside for a nice photo shoot and it immediately started raining on us. So I made Evie jump in some puddles and hug Megan and try to catch a ball (that one cracks me up). Within 15 minutes we were all back inside changing into dry clothes and curling up on the couch.

Evie is so excited to see Auntie Megan again! She’s pretty disappointed that the kitties won’t be joining her, though.


Friday Happy: Thanksgiving Edition

*My crazy family (see above). I’m so excited to spend Christmas in England with the whole crew.

*My sweet puppies. I can’t wait to come home and snuggle.

*My husband. Newlywed update: marriage rocks. Also, I’m so thankful that we got married a year early – I can’t imagine still planning a wedding right now. And next July, instead of freaking out about playlists and centerpieces, we’ll be celebrating our one year anniversary.

*My lovely ladies. Looking forward to laughing till I cry when I come home.

*That I get to spend so much time on the other side of the world – something I will probably never do again.

*Cheese. I’m sorry, but there it is.

Happy Thanksgiving!