Celebrating A Year

One year of marriage down. In the past year we have been to Canada, Japan, England, Mexico, Missouri, Washington, Louisiana, and across the US to Oregon – twice. We’ve changed careers and moved across the country. We’ve picked out curtains. We’ve grown up.

We spent our first anniversary in Newport, looking at the ocean and eating great seafood. Smelling the stargazer lilies Tim got me took me right back to our wedding day. We drank the same wine we drank on our honeymoon.

Happy Anniversary, husband!



Sometimes Tim grabs my camera because he has a better vantage point, or he sees a great shot, or he just feels like snapping some photos. I have to say, he looks good with a camera.

This must be how other women feel about seeing men in uniform.

On Uncertainty, Changes, and Following Dreams

I have been hesitant to share our plans on the blog lately. I’ve hinted at things, but laying out our next steps seemed too much like tempting fate. You see, after dealing with the military for three years, you learn that things change. Even things you thought were set in stone. Benefits, housing, deployments, future plans – everyone seems to say one thing, but then another thing happens. You read something in an order or on a website, but then find out it hasn’t been updated in 10 years and it’s completely wrong. You’ve been assured throughout your career that something will definitely happen, but then…it doesn’t. Especially lately, it seems like we are – let me put this carefully – not reaping the benefits we were told to expect from military life.

It’s been hard, even embarrassing sometimes, to plan our next steps, to feel confident enough to tell friends and family what we’re doing, and then have it all change the next minute. Also not great for my anxiety levels (intolerance of uncertainty is not an ideal trait for a military spouse). But now, things are finally in motion and I kind of want to shout it from the rooftops.

Tim is leaving active duty on May 15. He is going back to school, and I am looking for a job. We are moving to Eugene, Oregon.

Moving to the Pacific Northwest has always been our dream, but we thought it was years away. Leaving the military has given us the kick in the pants we needed to just do it. Tim has been accepted into University of Oregon for marine biology (he’s going to be a Duck!), and we are moving there in a couple of months. We are beyond excited.

Some rather large details are still up in the air. I don’t have a job yet. We don’t have an apartment yet. But, it’s all up to us, and that is a new and wonderful feeling. This is one of those exciting/scary/exhilarating/vomit-inducing experiences where you “take the leap and build your wings on the way down.” Whatever happens, we’re going to figure it out. We may be eating ramen noodles for the next four years, but we’ll be eating them together, in our own apartment, in our new town. Tim will be following his dream and I will be supporting him while following my own. We will finally be starting the life we imagined when we got married.

*Photos taken on my iphone on our honeymoon, when we decided we were definitely moving to the Pacific Northwest…someday.

5 Years.

5 years ago today, Tim and I embarked on a road trip to Chicago.  He had invited me to come with him for the weekend, having really only hung out with me a few times at office happy hours. Now, normally I don’t agree to go on road trips with boys I don’t know all that well. But I said yes.

So we drove to Chicago together, not really knowing what to expect. We went as friends, but maybe a little more, but definitely not girlfriend and boyfriend thankyouverymuch.

We discovered that we both would rather spend a day at an aquarium or museum than anywhere else. We discovered that we both loved the movie The Land Before Time (I pretty much knew I wanted to marry him when he said “yep, yep, yep!”). And we both really love to dance. Romance blossomed.

Now we have a new anniversary to celebrate every July, but we’ll still always think of Chicago on February 24.

*This photo was taken by Tim’s Chicago dad on a later trip – but you get the idea