{gratitude.2012} Simple Pleasures

This post brought to you by Camera+, Instagram, and my trusty iPhone.

This week I…

…tried out a new watering hole, with moderately good cider…

…tried a new recipe (avocado pasta)…

…took a calming walk in the Pioneer Cemetery near my office…

…drank A LOT of tea…

…read like a fiend…

…played with my camera apps at my desk…

…and, the thing I’m most proud of – I developed my first roll of film, from start to finish!

It was very scary and exciting, and a lot of fun. Out of a class of 10 people, several ended up with blank rolls – so I was pretty excited mine came out at all. I’m trying to work up the nerve to shoot another roll and go back into the studio by myself to try it again, without the instructor there reminding me of the steps.

Did I mention I’m taking a film photography class? I am. It’s awesome. Will hopefully be sharing some of my prints, when we get around to making them.

Happy Friday!


Friday Happy

Oh, it’s been so long since I did one of these. Here is a long-overdue happy list:

*Finding a new favorite bar.

*When tigers get “bloodsicles” as treats on hot days at the zoo.

*Wedding photos of my Aunty Thelma at the Berg – such a strange and wonderful intersection of two very different parts of my life.

*Learning about Google+. I’ve just started posting photos in my albums – feel free to add me!

*Caring for Your Introvert

*The bookcase I bought solely for my stemware, wine rack, and cookbooks. Happiness can come from such strange things.

*Planning the itinerary for my mom’s trip to Oregon next month.

What’s making you happy today?

Friday Happy

I haven’t done one of these in a while, but I have a lot to be happy about today.

*Sunning my shoulders on the living room floor in the afternoons

*Playing with Instagram on my iPhone

*Finding new blogs to add to my reader (latest favorite: London vs. Paris)

*A great glass of cab

*When Tim asks Harry Potter questions and I always have the answers

*The fact that in a little over a month, we will be free from the clutches of the military – more on that soon!

Friday Happy

*8tracks.com (here are a couple of good mixes I keep coming back to)

*The fact that whenever I hear Boulevard of Broken Dreams I just see Dwight and Andy doing karaoke

*My new journal

*Having a camera that will take a photo of a single snowflake without me even telling it to

*Liz Lemon

*Wine with my ladies, which I’m very much looking forward to tonight

Happy Friday!

Friday Happy

*Crafting, especially if there is a glue gun involved

*Starting a new book and falling immediately in love

*Sub Shop (vegetarian on wheat…*drool*)

*Regina Spektor


*Buddy the Elf