{Life List} Crochet a Gift for Someone

One of the items on my Life List is to crochet a gift for someone. I’ve started crocheting more in the past year and have gotten a lot better. Not good enough to sell my stuff, and I’m not sure I would want to, but I think my wares are sometimes good enough to give as gifts.

I’ve actually given several gifts in the last month, but I thought I’d write about the one I actually have photos of – the skinny scarf I made for my Aunty Lynne.

The pattern was made up by my mom (and grandmother?) long ago, forgotten by both of us, and then cobbled together from what we could remember and what looked right. I’m terrible at reading and following patterns, so I’m confident this won’t make a whole lot of sense, but it goes approximately like this:

*Start with 26 chain
*1 double crochet (dc) into 4th chain
*2 dc, 1 sc, 2 dc into 2nd chain (in other words, skip one chain, then do this into the next chain)
*2 dc, 1 sc, 2 dc into 4th chain
*2 dc, 1 sc, 2 dc into 4th chain
*2 dc, 1 sc, 2 dc into 4th chain
*1 dc into 2nd chain
*1 dc into 2nd chain (should be last stitch of the row)
*3 chain, turn, repeat pattern

I added fringe to the ends by taking the rest of the yarn, wrapping it around a small book, and cutting it so I had lots of strands of the same length. Then I took two or three of the strands and slip knotted them into each stitch of the last row.

I use Luv This Yarn for scarves, because it’s the perfect softness.

Lynne seemed to like the scarf, and even wore it around on our outings, bless her heart!

I think my next crochet goal is to be able to do a circle, something that has eluded me so far. I’d love to be able to make a hat. I also want to perfect the fingerless mittens I’ve been working on, so that I don’t have to make four mittens to get two good ones.

I think it’s funny that my two first Life List entries have been about crafting. Time to do some other stuff!


{Life List} Make a Vision Board

Putting my Life List on the blog is something I want to do eventually, but it’s a pretty daunting prospect. I have over 100 things now, and I know I don’t want to share every single one. So that will come later. But for now, I want to start writing about the things that I get to cross off. The most recent of these was to make a vision board.

I got the idea from Karen Walrond at Chookooloonks. I’ve been reading her blog for months and I absolutely love her photography and her words. She wrote about how she and her daughter make vision boards at the start of each new year. They are supposed to be a crafty, visual representation of what you want for yourself for the year. It also involves cutting pictures out of magazines and lots of mod podge, so Megan, Stephanie and I were immediately on board. We also wanted to throw ourselves a softball as far as our life lists were concerned, and this was something we knew we would do.

We spent a few hours just flipping through magazines and ripping out anything that caught our eye. If something made me smile, or reminded me of something happy or a goal I have, I tore it out. I also had a one-word resolution in mind for myself, so I tore out anything that fit with that. By the end of the night we all had a huge pile of pages and photos and we started cutting out the stuff we wanted.

Then we went to bed. Because we are old.

The next day we started arranging our cut-outs on our canvas and gluing them down with mod podge. I had never played with mod podge before, and by the end of this project I wanted to mod podge pretty much everything in my life.

When we were finished, we were all in love with our vision boards. Mine is hanging in my room and it’s the first thing I see when I wake up. On it are things that remind me how lucky I am and that I want to work on enjoying the moment in 2011.

So now I get to cross this off my Life List, but I think it would be nice to make one of these every year.

More Life List posts to come!

Because No One Wants A Naked Beer

Spoiler alert: this will probably be your christmas present this year.

I am a crocheting monster. Once I finished that scarf, I tried out a few different patterns and made a couple of little things, including some wrist warmers and the above beer cozy.*

I was a little dubious as to the effectiveness of wool in keeping my beer cool, but a quick google search led me to¬†this website, which actually tested just that: “Although you think of wool sweaters and socks as keeping you warm in winter, wool is a good insulator, period. It can keep things cool, as well, because it keeps air from moving, preventing heating through convection.” Thank you, interwebs.

*In the interest of full disclosure, the pictured beverage is in fact ginger ale, not beer.

Too Legit to Knit

I totally stole that off a t-shirt because I think it’s hilarious. And true – knitting gives me fits, but I love to crochet.

I learned how to crochet from my grandmother and my mom. This is usually how it goes – my mom starts a project for me, because starting those first few rows is always a terror, especially for a beginner. Then she gives it to me and I start going at it. Whenever I mess up, I just hand it back to her and she fixes it. When she gets tired of fixing my messes, or if I’ve gone too far to undo everything, she tells me to “cobble, cobble, cobble” (in other words, fudge it until it looks ok).

While Tim was at work the other day, I finished the second project that I have actually done from start to finish, with minimal guidance from my crocheting Yoda.

My next goal is to learn how to actually read patterns and do different stitches so I can make something other than a long rectangle. Tim took me to get some more yarn yesterday, so I am ready to start my next project. Probably just more rectangles for now.

P.S. How the frick is it AUGUST already?!