{Life List} Whale Watching

This past weekend I got to cross a huge item off my life list. Tim and I went whale watching off the Kerama Islands. It was just as awesome as I had hoped it would be, and I can’t wait to go again.

We left from Naha port on a small boat that took us out near the Kerama Islands. I had a homemade water-resistant contraption for my camera, consisting of a Ziploc bag and Tim’s boot bands, a fully charged battery, and a grin like a little kid on Christmas morning.

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Cincinnati Zoo

Yeah, that’s a baby bonobo chimpanzee. No big deal.

There were two of them. Horsing around.

There were other animals there, too. Like the sloth we got to scratch on the back, which was epically awesome. But seeing these bonobos was one of the coolest things ever.

Tigers Love Pepper. They Hate Cinnamon.

I can’t tell you how many times I have been to the Dickerson Park Zoo and not gotten any shots of this beautiful tiger. Either she was sleeping, or too far away, or not even outside, or my little G10 just couldn’t get through the bars. The stars aligned when I was there the other day with my Rebel.

Don’t you just want to scratch her belly?! No? Just me? Well ok.


Since I’ve been home, a lot of my time has been spent taking pictures of my lovelies, Trevor, Opal, and Pippin. I don’t care that they have a combined age of about 37 – I still call them puppies.

We got Opal and Trevor as puppies from Second Chance. When we brought them home, they could fit in the palm of your hand and couldn’t do much but stumble around, pee, and then sleep where they fell. I named Opal and my brother named Trevor.

Pippin joined the family a few years later. I found him after he had been lost or abandoned outside of my friend’s apartment building. After seeing him living in the backyard for a day, I finally lured him to me by feeding him Cheez-its. He was thisclose to being named Cheez-it. We kept him for a few days, and when we couldn’t find anywhere for him to go except the pound, we (read: Mom) decided we could keep him.


I luuurve them all.