The Greenway

evie benchIt’s been four years since we lost Tim’s mom, who we now refer to as Grandma Debbie, though she never got to hear herself called that. She died when I was just a few months pregnant with Evie. Debbie knew, and was so thrilled at the prospect of being a grandma. Now she has three beautiful granddaughters.

girls 2While visiting Jeff City last month, we decided to meet for a few minutes at the bench and tree dedicated to Debbie in one of her favorite places. Without realizing it, we planned our visit for May 28 – exactly four years to the day since she died. It ended up being a lovely time – Evie chased Gramps and Uncle Kevin and looked at bugs, Grandma Jeanne got to hold the babies, and we took some family pictures.

family bench 2roly poly 2jenn and faithevie clovertree 3 cropcollage 1We love and miss you so much, Debbie. I’m convinced it’s you making Alice smile sometimes when she’s staring at nothing in particular.

debbie's bench 8


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