dec14Evie’s language is growing by leaps and bounds, and she is quite the wordsmith. Some of my favorite turns of phrase lately include:


  • Translation: gymnastics, our new Saturday morning activity.

“A B C D E F Cheese”

  • One day she’ll figure out the letter G, but right now I like to think it’s a song about letters AND her favorite food.

“No sanks!”

  • She’s so cute when she says this that I can almost keep from losing my mind as she refuses everything I offer her to eat. She also uses this one when I ask her if she would like to sleep just a *little bit* longer because Mama is so tired? “Uh, no sanks!”


  • She’s obsessed with the moon. When we see it on the way to the car after school, we ask it to follow us home, then we say goodnight to it before we go in the house. The day she learns how to say it correctly will be a sad day, indeed.

“I hold da sohsages!”

  • Morningstar Farms veggie sausages are a staple of our diet right now, and for some reason every time I make them she insists on holding them straight out of the freezer. I don’t mind one bit, because hearing her say this is so damn cute.

 “I don like bee cheese” (said with a scrunchy face)

  • Once she insisted on trying the brie I was snacking on, so of course I let her. HER FACE. So funny. And now, every time we talk about any kind of cheese, she has to remind me “I don like bee cheese. Mama eat bee cheese. I don like it.” With the scrunchiest face ever. More “bee cheese” for mama, I say.

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