It’s been difficult so far this year to articulate any resolutions, or even guiding words or goals. But seeing as our holiday cards just went out last week, I figure if I come up with something by February I’m in good shape.

Last year around New Year’s, I had a two-week-old human who had just viciously clawed her way out of my body and into the world and was now in my charge. Quite literally, she was my resolution. Had I time to make a vision board between diaper changes and baby snuggles, it would have just been a picture of her sweet, pudgy, grumpy, newborn face. My resolution was to keep her alive, and healthy, and happy. I’m happy to say that I’ve done all three. So while I may have slipped in other areas – work, relationships, household, fitness, mental health – at the same time, 2013 was probably the most successful year of my life.

Which left me staring blankly at 2014 saying…what now?

Obviously, continue raising my kick-ass daughter and turn her into a functioning member of society. But that can’t be all. She deserves a mama who is more than that. While my word for 2013 could have been ‘Survive,’ that’s not enough this year.

I took a page out of Megan‘s book and started a virtual vision board on Pinterest. Glancing over the things I’ve liked enough to pin there, the themes seem to be enjoying the moment (something I struggle with), letting things go (ditto), and of course, being a good mama.

So cheers to 2014, to letting go of the past, to living in the present. And to this face.


One thought on “2014.

  1. I feel like I neglected so many things last year too. Definitely going to just let that go and focus on what I can get done this year.

    I think February resolutions are totally acceptable :)

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