{gratitude.2012} Simple Hopes

This month’s gratitude.2012 prompt was to consider what simple hopes I have for myself this year. Aside from the big, lofty goals, what small pleasures do I want to make sure I enjoy in 2012?

Reading. Whether on my lunch break, or with my first cup of coffee on Saturday morning, I want to make sure I always have a book I’m working on. It helps that my office is right next to the library – I love taking my 15 minute break to go pick out a new book. I just finished the His Dark Materials series, now starting on a John Irving novel. I have a long to-read list.

Being a homebody. As I get older, I find I’m happiest lounging at home in pajamas, watching Netflix with my husband. My party days are over, and I’m so ok with that.

More walks in the park, rain be damned. This is Oregon, after all.

Finally, photography. Remembering that taking pictures is one of my favorite things to do, and actually going out and doing it. My self-portrait project will make sure I try something new at least once a week. This is one of the rejects from Week 1, and I kind of love it. Sometimes I need to embrace the mistakes.

So those are some of my simple hopes for 2012. What are yours?


2 thoughts on “{gratitude.2012} Simple Hopes

  1. These shots are beautiful Jenn. Saw your images in the Flickr stream for Karen’s Gratitude project. Great work. I have had a busy beginning of the year and haven’t started thinking about this project yet, but I’ll begin soon. Look for my shots in the Flickr stream in a few weeks!

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