Tim’s Top 5 Halloween Flicks

Ladies and gents, my husband has something to tell you. Two of his favorite things are movies and making lists, so he’d like to share with you his Top 5 Halloween movies that you may not have seen. This list goes beyond the classics, like The Shining, and Silence of the Lambs, and Saw, which pretty much everyone who likes scary movies has seen. Enjoy, and Happy Halloween!

Since Halloween is just around the corner and I have a tradition of watching scary movies to fully take in the holiday, I wanted to share a few suggestions of movies you may not have seen.

#5 Frozen

This film, I have to say, I unexpectedly enjoyed and anyone who has gone snowboarding will wish they had never even seen the film’s disturbing images, which will undoubtedly be implanted in their brains…forever. Jenn couldn’t get through this one and anytime I bring it up or if she sees something that reminds her of it she does not hesitate to let me know to “change topics.” [Editor’s note: thanks so much for that, love.]

#4 [REC]

A Spanish horror film that will keep you from ever living in multi-unit flats where you share a common-area threshold and stairwell. Quarantine is the American version that is nearly shot-for-shot like the Spanish version and clearly had a higher budget to work with on special effects/make-up. Either one is worthy of a look-see.

#3 The Descent

One of my favorites about an all-female (yes, please) spelunking team that decides to explore unchartered subterranean levels only to find something lurking in the underworld, and it is not Hades. [Editor’s note: we re-watched this last night and HOLY CRAPBURGERS.]

#2 Trick r Treat

Surprisingly good and truly creepy for so many reasons, this film will make you cautious of your neighbors, attractive women, and little kids in costumes.

#1 Let the Right One In

A Swedish vampire film that may be one of the best independent/foreign films I have ever seen in any genre. It’s about a not-so-popular boy befriending a not-so-human girl. They made an immediate American remake, of course, titled Let Me In and it’s very good as well, just not as good as the Swedish version. Bloody Disgusting, a popular horror film site, ranked Let the Right One In #1 on their list of the “Top 20 Horror Films of the Decade”

If you have Netflix Instant, then you’ll be able to quickly access at least three of the above. Grab some beer or wine this weekend and have some fun!


One thought on “Tim’s Top 5 Halloween Flicks

  1. With ya all the way on #4, #3 & #1 Tim; will fo’ sho’ have to check out Frozen and Trick r Treat (bloody text generation eh?). The final apartment scene in Rec is surely one of the most twisted, suspenseful & well shot i have ever seen (makes Aphex Twin’s ‘Come to Daddy’ music vid look like Sound of Music). Happy Halloween Horror-days to you & your somewhat scared lady!

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