Now that I finally have my own kitchen, and have finally gotten to unpack all the wonderful kitchen stuff we got for our wedding, I have been cooking constantly. I feel like I’m pretty late to the guacamole party, but here’s my humble take on it.

Last night I discovered the secret to making great guacamole.

The secret is understanding that you can’t make bad guacamole. You could basically split open an avocado and start dipping your chips in it. From there, you can really only improve it.

When Megan told me I should just start throwing things in and not worry about a recipe, I was dubious (I’m scared to cook without recipes). But she was right. Just throw in stuff you like, leave out stuff you don’t, and taste it.

Here’s what went in mine: one large avocado, lime juice, sea salt, minced garlic, minced onion (shh, don’t tell Tim), and chili powder. The garlic hasn’t been doing much for me, so I think I’ll leave it out next time. I would leave the onions bigger, but I’m trying to sneak them past Tim. Megan puts jalapeno and cayenne in hers, which I’d like to try next time.

And always eat it with blue corn chips. Always.

I’ll probably be making more tonight. I suppose there are worse things to be addicted to than homemade guac.


5 thoughts on “Guacamole

  1. Amazing photography here–it adds so much life to your blog. I should really start taking my own pictures for my blog as well; it gives it so much more of a personal touch.

    And I have to agree, I think you’re better off without the cilantro (not that I was stalking the conversation above lol)

    Keep shining,

    The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook

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