Today is my last day in Okinawa. I’m beyond excited to be moving back home and starting our new adventure soon, but leaving a place, possibly forever, is always a little sad for me.

I have a terrible habit of never appreciating a place until I’m about to leave it. So today I have my graduation goggles on for Okinawa, and there are parts of it I will definitely miss.

Sayonara, Oki.


62 thoughts on “Sayonara

  1. I too fail to appreciate a place until it’s time to leave. My partner and I lived abroad the last two years, one in Vietnam, the other in Haiti. I have to say that leaving Port-au-Prince was especially sad for us. I will come back with a link to my post about that.

    Good luck back in the US and congrats on freshly pressed!

  2. I think very similarly to you…I always seem to appreciate the place just before I leave it. Why do we do that?? :)

    Absolutely lovely photos, and congratulations on being Freshly Pressed!

  3. Great pics! I will be heading to Japan soon with my family. We’ll be living there for a few years. Thank you for an insight into what we can expect.

  4. Life is always about going home and discovering it anew. Your pics of Okinawa remind me of the “Emerald City”. Lovely post.

  5. I love your photographs of the Island. You really captured it’s feel. I left Okinawa in 1990 as an 11 year old and in 2006 as an adult. If I have learned anything in life, you never know when you may get to go back to a place. I hope you have another great adventure at your next duty station.

  6. The Dragon, the Tree, and the last picture are my favorite. The tree because it resembles many interpretations of life. The dragon because it looks stoic, and with much history. The last is like looking through a window to Oki!

  7. I totally know what you mean about not appreciating a place until you’re leaving…. I took maybe ten pictures during high school until the last two week, during which I took about five hundred. Your photography is lovely—I really like how it captures the view of a person who lives there, not just what a tourist would see—two totally different perspectives. Good luck in your new life—maybe you can start taking pictures earlier this time! :)

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  9. Beautiful images! You’ve gotta appreciate Kokusai-dori if you’re in Okinawa! Hope you make a visit soon again!

  10. Great pics. I highly envy Japan for their highly appreciated culture, and yet they have such beauty like these.
    I wish I could go there at least once in my life..

    Anyway, once again, great pics, especially the beach and the tree for me.

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  12. Nice snaps! I love the photo of the fish. Great colors and composition. I’m sure you’ll really miss this place. Felt the same way when I left a city which has been my home for 4 years in college.

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