CoMo Bucket List

It just hit me today…hard…that I only have a couple of weeks left to enjoy CoMo as a resident. I have moved many times over the last 10 years, but always within Missouri (not counting Japan, of course, but this has been more like a long holiday). I always kept my mom’s house as my permanent address, knowing that wherever I was living was just temporary until I found the next thing. Now, for the first time, Columbia won’t really be “home” anymore.

And that is kind of freaking me out. And maybe making me tear up *just* a wee bit as I write this.

So! Time to make a list. A list of my favorite things about my hometown, places that I want to make sure I hit one last time before we head west. Of course I’ll be back to Columbia, probably as often as I can, but it will be…different. So I want to enjoy these last few weeks to the fullest.

Some of my favorite restaurants and watering holes I will be hitting include:

~The Heidelberg. Duh, probably my favorite place ever. I think I have more memories here than anywhere else. After our wedding reception, Tim and I walked into the Berg and everyone started clapping – that’s my bar.

~Flat Branch. Jeez, I will miss this place. A cold beer and some green chili chicken fingers on the FB patio is what I imagine heaven might be like.

~Sub Shop. Speaking of heaven, the veggie sub…oh, the veggie sub.

~Teller’s. Tim and I had one of our early dates here. We want to have a glass of wine at the bar before we leave.

~Osaka. I know this sounds crazy, but I have now had sushi in Japan and I can say that Osaka is still my favorite.

~Addison’s. Did I ever tell you about the time Tim and I drank all the Guinness at Addison’s? No? Hmm.

Other activities to enjoy before we leave:

~A hike in Rock Bridge State Park. Tim has never been! Can you believe that?

~Ice cream at Sparky’s. Tim has never been here either. Sigh.

~Shelter Gardens. I’ve grown incredibly fond of this place since last summer. I often pop in to take a walk and some pictures, and I love it.

~A movie at Ragtag. It’d be nice to catch one more flick at this little place.

~Columbia College. We have to go see the office where we met and each decided the other was pretty cool.

CoMo folks – what am I missing?


6 thoughts on “CoMo Bucket List

    • Thanks, Kate – I would love to share it on the Collective!

      It’s crazy that I’ve never been to Sycamore – I’ve heard it’s amazing. I’ll have to squeeze it in before I leave!

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