Etsy Love

I love Etsy so much that I have to force myself to stay away from it sometimes. So sometimes when I log back in, I find a bunch of stuff in my favorites that I forgot about, and I fall in love all over again.

Inspired by my best lady CoMoMegs’ recent post, here are some of the things and shops that have made their way into my ‘favorites’ folder on Etsy.

I am so not rock and roll, but I feel like this fringe necklace from Pear & Peacock could let me pretend once in a while. It’s so glam but simple at the same time. I think I could even pull it off.

I am in love with Raceytay’s shop. Not only do I want to decorate my entire house with her photographs, but her unique photography style inspires me to find my own.

Another find from Pear & Peacock. I love these pretty earrings that are small enough to be casual but dangly enough to be elegant.

I stumbled across these pepper pops on some blog ages ago, and they have been in my favorites just waiting to be tried. They sound so amazing, but I can never justify the expense, particularly since I’m not usually a big candy person. I am, however, a big pepper person.

These are my favorite types of earrings – simple, tiny danglies that can be worn with a t-shirt or a ball gown. I’m always on the hunt for the perfect pair.

We are not even close to needing to decorate a nursery anytime soon, but sometimes I find myself looking at stuff like this from Kranky Krab. How adorable would this be for a kid’s room? Or, I don’t know, our home office. And you know Tim will approve.

I am obsessed with these scarves from Urban Revisions. As Megan said in her post, I think I finally get how to wear scarves (only a few years after everyone else figured it out). I love these circle scarves and all the colors they come in.

Etsy. Yum.


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