Sunabe Seawall

Tim is determined to get scuba certified before we leave the island  (which is so soon, you guys!), so he went for his first lesson this weekend. I decided to tag along to the Sunabe seawall and enjoy the beautiful day.

I was at the seawall for low tide, so I rolled up my pants and hopped around the tide pools filled with fish and crabs and starfish and other sea creatures.

I wasn’t the only one.

I also took a short walk around the town, which is freaking adorable. If we were staying in Okinawa, this is where I would want to live.

We had lunch at a little Greek place where I had the second best gyro of my life. I love that Okinawa has so much international food (it’s not all sushi, all the time, like people think). Then I got to watch Tim scuba for a bit. He looks cute in scuba gear.

Lovely day.


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