My last weekend in Columbia was filled with my first True/False film festival and all kinds of awesome.

Megan and I started on Thursday evening with the March March parade downtown. While it did trigger my irrational fear of people in masks, it was pretty cool to see everyone just parading down Ninth Street in whatever they wanted. And there were fire spinners.

Then we queued for our first film at the Blue Note, Zielinski. It actually ended up being one of my least favorites of the weekend, simply because most of the other ones we saw were so fantastic. Zielinski himself made an appearance after the film and showed off his crazypants.

Friday started off with Resurrect Dead at the Blue Note, which was awesome. It was so engaging, with great characters and a really good mystery. It also had a really satisfying ending, which was impressive.

Then came the mockumentary Troll Hunter, which was one of my very favorites of the weekend. It never took itself seriously, which was what made it so brilliant. It had the entire Missouri Theatre cracking up. Plus, Norway is gorgeous. Risk of troll attacks aside, it just got bumped up to the top of my travel wish list. Add in the beautiful language, a troll hunter named Hans wearing chunky Norwegian sweaters, and a fantastic ending, this film was a great way to spend my last Friday night in CoMo.

We started off Saturday with KNUCKLE, a look at two feuding Irish families who sort out their differences with bare-knuckle boxing (as awesome as that sounds, it was really just sad that these people ultimately couldn’t let things go). Then came Bobby Fischer Against The World, which explored the line between genius and madness. The Burger and the King was about Elvis Presley and his eating habits, which was sad but also kind of heartwarming in a weird way. After that, Megan and I shared some nachos from a truck and talked about how dishy young Elvis was.

Next was Page One, a look inside the New York Times and its fight to stay relevant in the digital age. I didn’t expect to enjoy this one as much as I did. It was very well-done, fascinating, and I want to be best friends with David Carr (“Just because you put on a f*cking safari helmet and looked at some poop doesn’t give you the right to insult what we do. So continue.” Awesome!).

On Sunday we started off with the heavy, but very good, Armadillo, which followed a unit of Danish soldiers in Afghanistan. It was filmed in Helmand province, which is where Tim was when he was over there. It was intense. So intense that we decided we needed lunchtime bloody marys at Broadway Brewery.

Maybe it was said bloody mary, but I could barely keep my eyes open for At the Edge of Russia. It wasn’t a bad documentary, but in my view it didn’t stand up to the others we saw that weekend.

Finally we made it to Sparky’s for some ice cream. We were happy campers.

Our final film of the weekend was Project Nim, about a chimp who was raised by humans and taught to communicate through sign language. This one had me in tears more than once (you guys know how I feel about chimps!). Aside from having to give several dirty looks to the obnoxious ladies behind us, this was a great way to end the festival.

I can’t believe I’d never been to True/False before. Sign me up for next year.


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