{Life List} Whale Watching

This past weekend I got to cross a huge item off my life list. Tim and I went whale watching off the Kerama Islands. It was just as awesome as I had hoped it would be, and I can’t wait to go again.

We left from Naha port on a small boat that took us out near the Kerama Islands. I had a homemade water-resistant contraption for my camera, consisting of a Ziploc bag and Tim’s boot bands, a fully charged battery, and a grin like a little kid on Christmas morning.

We saw several blowholes (when the whale comes up to breathe and you can see the water shoot out of the blowhole), but didn’t see any actual whales for a while. Then, all of a sudden, one surfaced right behind our boat. We got to see it dive and Tim got a good shot of the tail, but that was about it. We were worried that would be all we would see on this trip (which still would have been worth it).

After we didn’t spot any more whales for a while, they told us they were going to look for one more and then head back. After circling for a bit, someone spotted something and we got a little closer, until we saw this…

Alas, my future does not lie in whale photography. When we saw the first whale breach, I was awestruck and pretty much decided that I would rather watch and enjoy than try to take some (likely) crappy photos. Tim grabbed my camera and immediately started getting great shots. He had never even used the zoom lens until that morning, and all of a sudden he’s Mr. Whale Photographer Extraordinaire. What a jerk. All of the whale photos in this post are Tim’s.

Then this happened…and it was magical.

Such an amazing day. I keep running it over in my mind so I never forget what it looked like to see them breach. They just look so happy!


3 thoughts on “{Life List} Whale Watching

  1. Don’t mind me. I’m just tearing up at my desk because you finally got to go whale watching.

    The two breaching whales? Wow. And I’m glad you got to just watch but that it was still captured on film. Well done, Tim.

  2. Awesome! Those are great shots and you got to see a LOT! I’d always be worried I’d go out and not see anything. I’ve seen whale sharks and dolphins in the wild (and have swam with both) but I’d love to see something like humpbacks breaching. I suck at photos too, but I’ve discovered that taking a movie/film of something like that works better.

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