Catching Up

I hate it when I let the blog go untended for this long. It always makes the next post seem more daunting. So, bullet points.

*Part of the reason I have fallen off the blogging wagon is what’s been going on in Japan. We are fine – Okinawa is farther away from the mainland than people realize. But watching this disaster unfold, so close to me, has been devastating. Fears of more aftershocks and now radiation just make it that much worse. I’ve sort of been curled up in a metaphorical fetal position for the past week and my anxiety, usually kept at a reasonable level, has started to get the better of me.

*Some good news  – Tim and I are starting a new, exciting adventure in a couple of months. It will involve a move to a new state, a new job (hopefully), and probably lots of ramen noodles. More on that soon.

*My thesis data collection is almost finished. Progress! Now I just have to write the damn thing (easier said than done).

*My last weeks in Columbia were filled with all kinds of awesome. A road trip to Cincinnati, the True/False film festival, and my first real photo shoot. Photos and posts to come.

*Tim and I have started working out together everyday. He’s got us on a pretty strict routine, and I love it. I feel so much better when I exercise, and it’s nice to have a workout buddy to motivate me.

Off to work out now! It’s good to be back.


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