5 Years.

5 years ago today, Tim and I embarked on a road trip to Chicago.  He had invited me to come with him for the weekend, having really only hung out with me a few times at office happy hours. Now, normally I don’t agree to go on road trips with boys I don’t know all that well. But I said yes.

So we drove to Chicago together, not really knowing what to expect. We went as friends, but maybe a little more, but definitely not girlfriend and boyfriend thankyouverymuch.

We discovered that we both would rather spend a day at an aquarium or museum than anywhere else. We discovered that we both loved the movie The Land Before Time (I pretty much knew I wanted to marry him when he said “yep, yep, yep!”). And we both really love to dance. Romance blossomed.

Now we have a new anniversary to celebrate every July, but we’ll still always think of Chicago on February 24.

*This photo was taken by Tim’s Chicago dad on a later trip – but you get the idea


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