{England 2010} Randoms

Some of my favorite photos from our England trip that didn’t make it into the other posts. After this I’m finished posting, I swear :)

Fish ‘n chips was *almost* a daily occurrence.

My Aunty Lynne and Uncle Steve in a rare (and adorable) public display of affection :)

This was *definitely* a daily occurrence…at least for me.

Tim looking pensive outside of Buckingham Palace.

A view of Warwick Castle.

The beautiful drive to Hever Castle.

If my brother starts an indie band and needs an album photo, I think I’ve got him covered.

My Aunty Ros’s wintry garden.

My Great Uncle Ted, who told us awesome stories.

There were no ducks at the duck pond that I love so much, but the seagulls were happy to take our bread.

And of course, my incomparable Grandad. (In case you can’t read his hat, it says “If older looks better, I must be approaching magnificent.” He has a whole collection of trucker hats with various witticisms. Much like a young hipster.)

Well, with about 11 hours to spare, I just managed to meet my goal of blogging our whole England trip by the end of January. I’m already looking forward to my next trip to the motherland – hopefully during some warm weather, this time.


7 thoughts on “{England 2010} Randoms

  1. I love this blog! I found it interesting how much we have in common. :) I was born in Okinawa and have been to Warwick castle (London has always been a personal favorite of mine) and I’m studying Psych! The photo of bangers and mash almost made me drool, just fyi :) I really enjoyed your pictures, thanks!

    • Wow, what a small world! How long did you live in Okinawa? I will be going back soon for my last trip, then moving back to the states for good this summer. I will miss the beaches and the great sushi!

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