{England 2010} London

On New Year’s Eve we had to say goodbye to Redditch and drive back to London. Since we didn’t fly out until the next morning, we had some time to play in the city. We met up with my brother who had just flown in and spent the afternoon sightseeing.

Took some family photos…

Brothers don’t shake hands – brothers gotta hug!

Then some pretty amazing photobombs happened outside the palace. (Can I say the words “photobomb” and “palace” in the same sentence without getting red flagged? We shall see.)

That evening, you guessed it, we went to a pub. We enjoyed Guinness and cider and jacket potatoes and bangers & mash and each other’s company and some pretty bad nachos (but that’s what we get for ordering nachos in an English pub).

Our New Year’s celebration that night consisted of packing, taking a nap until about 11:45, sharing some champagne out of hotel cups, watching the fireworks on BBC, and going promptly back to sleep. We know how to party.


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