{England 2010} Warwick Castle

Warwick Castle, according to my husband, is “what a real English castle should look like.” This is the Disneyland of castles. People walking around in costumes, jumping out at you in the dungeons, welcoming you to their fancy dinner parties in the great hall. It’s pretty campy. I kind of wish they would just leave us alone and let us enjoy the castle itself, but I guess people like it. We still had a great time exploring.

There was a Helter Skelter, which turned Tim and my Aunty Lynne into happy little kids (fun fact: the Beatles went down this exact one!).


Oh yeah, and there were peacocks. Just hanging out.

We ended our day trip with a fantastic dinner at a pub in Warwick, followed by tea at Grandad’s. Another great day!


67 thoughts on “{England 2010} Warwick Castle

  1. Loving the peacock shot with the peacock topiary hedges. How generous of the bird to pose in the perfect spot.
    Did they make noise for you? Peacocks make dreadful sounds in the early mornings.

  2. I went to London back in March of 2010. This brings back so many memories of the one day trip I took to Warwick and Oxford, except your pictures are much better. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Amazing castle! I live by a mini-castle but someone bought it out and put a catering company (or something) in it. They put corny lights on the outside in an attempt to make it look “fancy” and added rooms to it with different color stone. It looks ridiculous and nowhere even NEAR as legit-looking as this beast!

  4. When I say to people “I’d love to live in England”, they look at me like I’ve got three eyes or something. THIS is why I would love to live in England. No, not visit, LIVE! You don’t see this kind of beauty in the states. The Grand Canyon does nothing for me, but a piece of history like this….amazing! To see it in it’s heyday! Ladies in waiting, knights, kings, queens in long dresses and corsets, huge banquets….just staggers the mind!
    Thank you for sharing. Posts like this just add to my eagerness to get there and I learn alittle more about that wonderful country!

    • I hear you there! England is a gorgeous country with its hills and valleys and everything is permeated with the kind of history our young country knows so little about. I’m saving up for a one-way ticket! ;)

  5. Congrats fellow FP! I love the pics. This looks like a great place to visit. I saw some amazing castles in Ireland a few years ago, and have always wanted to go back for more. The best one was Bunratty; the entire castle was restored and you got to go through every bit of it. The worst? Blarney – a nice enough ruined castle, but filled with long lines of tourists, and kissing the Blarney stone was an exercise in commercialism. (I didn’t BTW)

    • I would LOVE to see some Irish castles. I’ve also heard Blarney is now just a tourist trap – and that people pee on the Blarney stone that tourists are so eager to kiss. Yuck.

  6. I’m glad you enjoyed our Castle! I am from Warwick and suppose take it for granted. I should go more and will do, but will definitely rather go in the summer. The summer makes it even better, eat out in the gardens watching all the shows they put on.

    I also fully recommend the July fireworks display every year, its immense and alot of money is spent on the fireworks. The whole of Warwick enjoys this display from our gardens or local pubs. Good times!


    • Yes, I would love to come back in the summer! We also had a delightful meal at the Saxon Mill before we left Warwick. I wish we’d had more time to explore the town.

  7. Can you BELIEVE that those old Brits inhabited these heaps of stone without any form of central heating – just fireplaces! Imagine the chill, the mould, the dripping walls!
    No wonder the Royals are such a glum lot!

    Excellent photo-journal. I’m jealous too!

  8. Its nice to see that you and your family had a lovely time in my home country. The photos you have taken really are impressive :) I have not been to Warwick castle a trip might be in order after seeing your photos.

  9. Gorgeous photos! I would love to visit this place. Also, I’m currently reading The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters, which is set in Warwickshire.

  10. I love peacocks — saw some strolling in a sculpture garden near where I live. They are so gorgeous. Actually heard them first — their calls are eerie, aren’t they?

    That castle is indeed perfect. Love the moss on the stones. Even the mist is picturesque. Great photos.

    Never knew what a helter skelter was, now I do. A little education, a little fun, a little beauty, perfect outing! But I would have had to slide down that thing — how could you resist?!

  11. Warwick Castle is great.

    I happen to live about 40 miles down the road from it, so have visited a couple of times (in sunnier weather than you did, I have to say!) and had a lovely time each occasion. It looks more magical in the sunlight and the archery, falconry and trebuchet shows they put on are more fun in that weather too.

    As your husband says, it really does look like an idealised castle should, and they’ve gone to a great deal of trouble to give it some atmospheric ambience too. A nice place to visit, even for relative locals like myself. :)

  12. England at its foggiest best!!! Thank you for sharing the pics. Warwick Castle is on our list for this summer with any luck (we’re in Manchester, only about 150 miles away….don’t know why we’ve never been before).

    Just a note to an earlier commenter – they were really damp and cold places but the walls were usually covered with huge tapestries and cloth hangings to keep the draughts down and there were rushes and straw on the floor for insulation. And the fashions meant that ladies wore layers on layers of petticoats and overcoats and dresses and aprons etc, whilst the men wore shirts and jerkins etc made out of cotton and wool for warmth. Happy days…..shudder…..!


  14. Oh wow these pics bring back such wonderful memories. I went to Warwick Castle almost 20 years ago. I just loved it! Even bought a VHS movie while I was there. Thanks for giving me a trip down memory lane!

  15. Beautiful! England is on my list of places to visit… farthest out of this country I’ve ever been is Mexico, lol! What a lovely time you must’ve had.
    We have a yard down the road just full of peacocks…. dozens and dozens of them! It’s strange because you expect to see them in places like castles and gardens and such – but this place is a weedy yard with a little shanty of a house… weird!

  16. When I was younger I lived quite close to Warwick so went to the castle often. It is very good but if you want to see a real castle there are much better ones to see. Kenilworth, just down the road, is in ruins but hasn’t been spoilt by the disneyfication and any of the castles in Wales are well worth a visit. I am glad you are enjoying your visit!

    • It’s so funny you mention Kenilworth – that’s one of my very favorites. I was hoping to go there that day, but it was closed due to icy conditions, so we ended up at Warwick instead!

  17. Great report on Warwick Castle and nice pics. We still have plenty of castles in Ireland although nothing as grand as Warwick – sadly Oliver Cromwell was no lover of old architecture and destroyed a great many of them during his campaigns here in the late 1640s.
    Cahir Castle see here: http://www.tipp.ie/placesofinterest/cahircastle/cahircastle.htm was one of the sensible castles that surrendered to the bold Oliver in 1650 without firing a shot – hence it is still one of the best preserved castles in the country. It was used in the making of the movie “Excalibur” in 1981 and is well worth a visit.

  18. I knew a helter skelter was a slide but had never seen it in a pictorial representation before. Now I can put an image to the word.

    Castles are so beautiful – if only everybody could live in one!

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  20. I enjoyed reading about your castle experience! You are very fortunate to have been able to visit these magnificent structures that are so full of history. I hope to be able to travel to Europe and explore some as well. Thanks for sharing!

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