It’s A ThanksHalloweeMas Miracle!

This past weekend, at the first annual ThanksHalloweeMas celebration, new traditions were created.

ThanksHalloweeMas Eve is traditionally spent assembling and decorating Megan’s tree, baking cookies, and watching Elf.

The first person to get dressed on ThanksHalloweeMas traditionally has to go get bagels for everyone else.

The traditional drink of ThanksHalloweeMas is chocolate vodka and Dr. Pepper, which tastes exactly like a Tootsie Roll.

It is traditional on ThanksHalloweeMas to take a drink every time someone is touched inappropriately, whether intentionally or otherwise.

The traditional game of ThanksHalloweeMas is called Honolulu Rum, a drinking game played with dice and math.

After most of the guests have left, it is traditional on ThanksHalloweeMas for the co-founders to sit around the table, drink leftover champagne out of the bottle, and talk into the wee hours of the morning. And continue eating.

Anytime anything happens on ThanksHalloweeMas, it is traditional for Megan, Stephanie, and Jenn to shout out “It’s a ThanksHalloweeMas miracle!” much to the annoyance of other guests (and likely neighbors).

Gifts may or may not be exchanged on ThanksHalloweeMas. Traditionally, one person brings gifts for the others, who then awkwardly admit that they “forgot we were doing that.”

Happy ThanksHalloweeMas everyone!


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