London, Baby!

After months of ideas and planning and changing plans and dreaming and coordinating, our family Christmas vacation to England is finally happening. The bookings have actually begun, so there’s no turning back now.

I am so excited to take Tim on his first trip to the homeland! We want to make this trip more about relaxing with family than sightseeing, so I have to choose very carefully the few touristy things I want us to do. The plan is to spend half our time near London and the other half in Redditch. I’m thinking one day trip to London for some sightseeing and wandering, one castle (which one to choose?!), and one trip to Stratford.

And let’s be honest, probably several pub nights.

Other than that, there will be much lounging in pajamas in front of the telly drinking tea and wearing silly Christmas hats. And eating fish and chips. And Walker’s crisps. And fruit pastilles. Yeah.

I’m super excited for Tim to see Redditch, my grandparents’ house, and my duck pond, one of my favorite places from my childhood.

Now to get back to planning!

*All photos from my last trip to England in 2006: Look kids, Big Ben! Parliament!; Westminster Abby; London street; Big Ben; family self-portrait in a pub; my duck pond


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