Typhoon Chaba

This has been a crazy couple of days, weather wise. Typhoon Chaba has been threatening to brush up against Okinawa in its waltz across the Pacific. This morning Tim was actually sent home from work. When the Marines decide it’s time to pack it in, you know it’s serious. This afternoon we reached TCCOR-1E, which basically means batten down the hatches. So naturally we opened up the screen and stuck our heads out, watching the craziness. Strangely, around sunset, enough of the sun got through to turn the whole sky orange, then pink, then purple.

Not a meteor shower or UFO’s – just a rogue flash on the raindrops!

I also learned today that a typhoon and a hurricane are exactly the same thing – the name only varies based on the location.

We haven’t gotten the all-clear yet, but we have been told the worst has passed. Which means Tim will probably have to go to work in the morning. Suck.


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