When one doesn’t have a job, and stays home all day in one’s pj’s, and has given oneself some time off from thinking about one’s thesis for a week, one might think the blog posts and other creative pursuits would start flowing like wine. Not so, dear reader. Here are some of the things I’ve been doing today instead of anything productive:

*Reading so many blogs that I realize I need to buy some tights and boots, and wishing I were stylish enough to wear tights and boots.

*Trying not to freak out about money, health care, the military, the future, etc.

*Eating half a bag of Sour Patch Kids before noon. Later I will have a stomach ache. Tim will ask what I ate that caused it, and I will tell him I don’t know.

*Re-watching old episodes of The Office and Always Sunny.

*Spending HOURS on Etsy finding things I want to buy for myself and others. Subsequently, finding things on Etsy that I want to use to decorate our future home, then freaking out about how far away that is.

*Finding a ton of new blogs to put in my Google reader, the easier to waste even more time in the future.

*Wishing we were back here

I’m thinking I’ll murder the rest of those Sour Patch Kids while I pop in some Office. Sigh.


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