Adventure Day: Aquarium

Well, I’m back. I was surprised when I got off the plane how much I actually missed this place. Amazingly, Tim and I got to spend a 4-day weekend together right off the bat (thank you, Columbus). Somewhere between all the movies, tv, wine, and naps, we managed to venture outside for a trip to one of our favorite places on the island.

This fish is bigger than I am. It always reminds me of that giant red fish in Mario Bros. that would jump out of the water and try to eat you. Anyone?

I think the sea turtles have to be my favorite. They are just so cool. And they always look disapproving, which makes me love them even more.

Bull sharks equally freak me out and amaze me.

I love how Tim randomly decided to take a quick turn with the camera and got this amazing shot. Jerk.

And then there are the whale sharks. These things are just massive. Our little tradition now is to visit the cafe next to the tank to have some taco rice while we watch them swim around. Only in Okinawa!



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