Awesome Weekend of Awesomeness

This weekend, three awesome things happened:

1. I got bangs
2. I met Rob Riggle
3. Megan got poohed on by a kitten (to be fair, this one was more fun for me and the kitten than for Megan)

Friday morning, I got bangs. I have wanted bangs for years, but been too chicken to even tell my stylist what I wanted. I didn’t think I was hip enough, I didn’t think I could control them. It’s just hair, jeez! So I told her what I was thinking, showed her some pictures of Tina Fey, and voila!

{Note: Having a lens with a wide open aperture is great for when you want your bangs in focus but your face kind of blurry. Like when you’re not ready to put up a full-on self-portrait on your blog. Yeah.}

Had “send someone a drink in a bar” and “meet a celebrity” been on my life list already, I could have crossed them both off on Friday. Megan, Stephanie and I were sitting on our normal stools in our normal bar when Lt. Col. Rob Riggle walked into the Berg. ROB RIGGLE. After much excitement and squeaking and tweeting and shouting of “Not up in here!!“, we sent him a beer. Then he came over and thanked us for it. Proof:

Did I mention I have had a huge crush on Rob Riggle for years? No? Well I have. Yet somehow, after many beers, I managed to channel all of my crazy into one relatively calm “Nice to meet you, I’m a big fan.” Well played, McFord. I just hope Tim doesn’t mind me framing this and hanging it over our bed.

Saturday was spent recovering from the awesomeness that was meeting one of my favorite celebrities in my favorite bar.

On Sunday Megan and I drove to St. Louis to do some shopping, and we stopped at a PetSmart (we can’t resist an adoption event). Megan hit it off with an adorable kitty and started holding and playing with him.

Little did we know this kitty was suffering from some unfortunate gastrointestinal issues. When Megan finally pried the kitty away from her chest and started putting him back in the crate, I saw…pooh on her shirt. All I could think to say was, “Megan. He poohed on you.” Unfortunately at this point I was laughing so hard I could barely get her a paper towel, much less take another photo. How do I put this delicately? This kitty had obviously not been eating well. It was messy. We had to go to Target and get Megan a new top. I didn’t stop laughing about it until the next day.

All in all, a pretty epic weekend.


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