Adventure Day(s): Beach!!

This past weekend was the best I’ve had on the island so far. It started off when we found out Tim had a surprise 3-day weekend. So we went to the beach, natch.

We spent Friday at the Renaissance Hotel. For 1,250 yen (About $13), you can use the resort’s private beach, indoor/outdoor pools, jacuzzi, etc. for the whole day. It’s a pretty sweet deal. We were the only Americans we saw there all day, so it felt like a secret spot we’d found.

Tim went exploring for a bit and found this sandbox with a bunch of tortoises in it. So cute! 

The next day, even though we were both sunburned and exhausted, we did it again. This time we tried Moon Beach Hotel, which has pretty much the same deal. It ended up storming on us as soon as we got set up in our chairs, but we followed the locals’ lead and stayed put. I’m glad we did, because 30 minutes later the sun was back out and it was a beautiful day!

On Sunday we took some new friends of ours to Churaumi Aquarium. This was our fourth visit, meaning we have already more than paid for our annual passes. Dorks!

As soon as you walk in the aquarium entrance, you get this view of Ie Island:

No Discovery Channel = no Shark Week this year, but this kind of made up for it.

Only one more adventure day this trip. I’m hoping for another beach day!


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