Adventure Day: Ziplining

I hate ziplining. I don’t do it. Tim loves to tell the story of me trying to zipline in Cancun. The story ends with me taking the walk of shame back down the stairs after I decided I’d rather be humiliated than jump off a ledge over the ocean. So when I heard some friends were taking us ziplining this weekend, I was less than thrilled. I decided to act as photographer for the group rather than risk further embarrassing myself by repeating the Cancun disaster. Tim and the others had a great time, and I got some quality time with my camera.

Tim fearlessly careening through the jungle

Adventurer Tim

Did a little exploring on my own, minus the zipline

Tim got a chance to show off his acrobatic prowess on the rings.

I had no idea my husband was this flexible.

Tim says this zipline was much less scary than the one in Cancun, so he swears he is going to take me again and get me to do it. We’ll see.


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