Adventure Day: American Village

Saturday we ventured out of the BOQ for our second adventure day. We weren’t given much of a choice, since our power was out for the entire day, but I digress. We decided on a low key day at American Village, only about 20 minutes away.

After some much needed caffeine at Starbuck’s, we walked down to the beach to wander and take pictures.

Then we headed to the theater to see Inception. If you haven’t seen it, stop reading this and go right now. It’s SO good. I feel like it was made for me – like it took all my favorite movie genres and ideas and put them all into one awesome film. It’s the kind of movie you feel like you want to go see again immediately to make sure you caught everything. Plus, I very much like looking at Leonardo DiCaprio.

The day ended with dinner and watching the sunset at the aptly named Sunset Beach.

Oh, and I couldn’t take pictures of them because it was too dark, but the bats here are CRAZY huge. They are like flying puppies.

*photos edited for awesomeness in Picnik, because I was bored.


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