Too Legit to Knit

I totally stole that off a t-shirt because I think it’s hilarious. And true – knitting gives me fits, but I love to crochet.

I learned how to crochet from my grandmother and my mom. This is usually how it goes – my mom starts a project for me, because starting those first few rows is always a terror, especially for a beginner. Then she gives it to me and I start going at it. Whenever I mess up, I just hand it back to her and she fixes it. When she gets tired of fixing my messes, or if I’ve gone too far to undo everything, she tells me to “cobble, cobble, cobble” (in other words, fudge it until it looks ok).

While Tim was at work the other day, I finished the second project that I have actually done from start to finish, with minimal guidance from my crocheting Yoda.

My next goal is to learn how to actually read patterns and do different stitches so I can make something other than a long rectangle. Tim took me to get some more yarn yesterday, so I am ready to start my next project. Probably just more rectangles for now.

P.S. How the frick is it AUGUST already?!


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