New Friends

This past weekend Tim and I actually hung out with other humans, and it was fantastic. Another lieutenant Tim knew from Afghanistan and his wife invited us over to their house for dinner. We all got along great, and it was so nice to spend time with another couple. For me, it was especially nice to talk to another “Marine wife” (don’t ever call me that) on Okinawa who knows the ropes. Fun new friends, great dinner, wine, and puppies all make for a great evening.

After dinner, they took us to a tiny little bar on base, where we ran into several other people they/we knew. After a while, the evening started to feel like any other night out at a bar with friends, which was awesome (complete with a drunk girl wandering up to us by accident and spilling her life story…very entertaining). I forgot for a while that we are on a tiny island in the Pacific half a world away from home. It also helped that the bar played Muse, Kate Nash, and MGMT. Maybe this place isn’t all that bad (…sometimes I say crazy things).

Seriously, this is the bar. It’s no Heidelberg, but it will do.


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