I Miss Springfield.

Congratulations, universe. You win.

Nothing like feeling isolated and homesick to make you miss a place you never thought you would. Springfield had its moments:

*Schlotzky’s. Best sandwich and jalapeno chips ever. Plus a chance to win a free cookie by answering the daily trivia question (put that random knowledge to use and win some cookies!). We seriously need to bring this place back to Columbia.

*Cheezies. Oh lord, Cheezies. A large pizza and a large order of Cheezie Sticks for less than $10. Especially good on Tuesday nights when watching LOST. Those were the days.

*Kai. Five words: Sesame, Mozzarella, and Asparagus Tempura.

*Chicago Cheesesteak Company. This little hole in the wall makes the best cheese steak I’ve ever had. The restaurant itself seats about four.

*Finnegan’s/Mud Lounge. These two go hand in hand because if I wasn’t at one, I was usually at the other. So many fishbowls – so many stories.

*Dickerson Park Zoo. When I first heard Springfield had a zoo, I scoffed. Then, I ended up going maybe 20 times in my two years there. Aside from the elephant exhibit, which I think is too small, this is an amazing zoo. You can feed crackers to the giraffes, much to the delight of children and clinical psychology students. I’ve had staring contests with kangaroos, seen a lioness jump sideways onto a fence to get a squirrel, and had otter babies run up to the glass to see me. I will seriously miss this place.

*Yoga. My platonic life partner Stephanie made me join a gym by kidnapping me one day and making me go. We started taking yoga classes every Wednesday almost a year ago. Our instructor is awesome, and she started my love affair with yoga. I haven’t done any in weeks, and I’m starting to feel like a lump.

*This little girl:

Professor Eleanor Snickelfritz

Yes, I am a person who posts pictures of my friend’s cat. Deal.

I will be in Springfield off and on for the next six months or so. Hopefully I can fully enjoy all of these things in that time before I leave it (probably) forever.


3 thoughts on “I Miss Springfield.

  1. Ok, if you miss Springfield that much, then you definitely need to wax poetic about Columbia, right?

    P.S. Thanks for calling last night…totally made my day!!

    • The thing about Springfield is I can fit everything I miss about it in one post! Not so for Columbia. That should be its own category or something.

      I enjoyed our phone date!

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