Run-ins with Nature…

We decided Saturdays will be our “adventure day,” our day to take trips and get away from base for a while. For our first adventure day, budding marine biologist Tim decided we would go to Churaumi Aquarium for the second time. It’s about an hour and a half drive to the north side of the island, but totally worth it. It’s the second largest aquarium in the world, right behind Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta. It’s also one of very few aquariums in the world with whale sharks.

The scenic drive… 

My favorite, the sea turtles…

We had front row seats for some dolphin training…

A tiny lizard decided Tim’s shoe looked like a good place to have a sit…

We found a lily pond right next to the aquarium that we had totally missed last time…

And finally…we started to take a short trek through some jungle. I lasted about 3 seconds before I ran screaming out of the trees. These pictures are not for the faint of heart…

…you sure you want to see this?

After I got to safety, I was able to calmly relay the message to Tim: “S**t! Tim! Sp…Spider! F**K!”  Tim, of course, got the camera and started snapping away. Freak.

Remember in Raiders of the Lost Ark when Indy and Marion were trapped in that underground chamber with a million snakes everywhere? That’s pretty much how I felt*. Once I saw one of these monsters, I started seeing them EVERYWHERE. Everywhere I looked there was an even bigger one. As I am prone to exaggeration when it comes to spiders, I will say that Tim estimates these guys as being between 8 and 12 inches in diameter.


At least our first adventure day lived up to its name.

*Those of you privy to the Giant Spider In The Casserole Dish Incident of 2010 might have an inkling of what a nightmare this was.


4 thoughts on “Run-ins with Nature…

  1. The Lara Croft Society called. They are reviewing your membership. Sorry. Maybe they will make an exception for fangy spiders. I would.

    • Every good adventurer has one critter that gives them the heebie-jeebies! Mine happens to be 12-inch long spiders. (Ok, maybe I have more than one.)

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