Shake It Like A…

So last night I randomly discovered Poladroid, a fun software application that transforms your photos into “polaroids.” I am a sucker for cool photo effects accompanied by satisfying clicks and whirrs. I have become more interested in old school film cameras lately, and I toyed with the notion of finding a Polaroid on eBay for about two seconds, before I realized how effing expensive the film is. I do have a Holga, but I haven’t developed any of my film yet to see how it’s turning out. So, for now…Poladroid!

Here are some completely fake polaroids I think are pretty neat:

Starting at the top: a whirligig daisy at Butchart Gardens in Victoria, BC; a pit stop on our road trip to Olympic National Park on our honeymoon; Big Ben (obv); Lake Ozark at sunset; Sol Duc Falls, Olympic National Park; American Village, Chatan Town, Okinawa; our wedding day, courtesy of my mom.


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