Honeymoon – Snippets {Part I}

After I have had some more time to journal and process everything, I hope to write a more coherent post (or several posts) about our amazing honeymoon in the Pacific Northwest, complete with lots of photos. For now, though, here are a few memories and photos that make us smile:

*I was thisclose to hugging our MO-X driver when he dropped us off at the airport. Not because I was so thrilled with his service (although I was, because MO-X is awesome), but because for the past two days I had hugged pretty much everyone I had come across. It had almost become a reflex. Tim and I laughed about this.

*After a long day of traveling, including being stuck on our plane for an extra 3 hours and getting lost in our rental car (my bad), we were greeted at our B & B with a welcome tray of wine and hors d’oeuvres.

Lost Mountain Lodge


*We quickly realized we hadn’t packed appropriately for the beautiful 60 degree July weather, so we stopped in Port Angeles and went shopping. It was jeans and hoodies the whole week.

*Tim and I couldn’t stop staring at our wedding rings and grinning.

*Olympic National Forest. What can I say? I have been wanting to see this park for years. It was incredible. We had an amazing day hiking around and taking photos. Here are just a few…

Tim at ONP

Sol Duc Falls

Sol Duc Falls



I found a nice, cozy boulder to curl up on.

*Our dinner from Sunny Farms. One part farmer’s market, one part natural food grocery store, one part deli. We ate our sandwiches and cheese and deviled eggs and pasta salad with a bottle of red wine on our private patio at the Lodge. I will be dreaming about this place for a long time.

Sunny Farms

Our repast from Sunny Farms

*We were constantly reminiscing about memories from the wedding. Little moments, big moments, hilarious moments, moments we’d laughed about a million times already. We couldn’t get over how much fun we had and how incredible our wedding weekend was. More to come on that, too :)

Check back soon for Part II!


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