I Love the Smell of Clorox in the Morning (ok, that was too easy)

One pair of bleach-stained yoga pants later, and with the help of my trusty Muse and Lady GaGa, I have conquered the apartment. I chose not to take “before” pictures, because, DAMN.*

Our kitchen…
BTW, this place was built for a giant. I have to stand on my tip-toes just to reach things on the bottom shelf of those top cabinets.

Our bathroom…
BathroomTurns out a new shower curtain, some Clorox, and several hours of scrubbing was all this little gem needed. *sarcasm*

And my favorite addition, the entryway shelves I convinced Tim to get:

So now I find myself finished with cleaning and it’s not even noon yet (thank you, jet lag!). I’m thinking a movie, some lunch, and a nap sound like a perfect afternoon. What an exciting life I lead.

*It should be noted that my dear husband is not a messy person. This place was a wreck to start with, and he had never had the time nor the inclination to have the marathon cleaning session that is necessary when moving into a new place.


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