Jenn’s Perfect Cup of Tea 101

Today I taught Tim an essential husband skill – how to make a good cup of tea. This is a man who hates all tea, hot or iced, and has never been schooled in the art of making tea for anyone else. Obviously, if he is to make a suitable husband, this is a skill he will need to acquire quickly. Everyone knows tea tastes better when someone who loves you makes it just the way you like it.

The most complicated step in the process is always deciding upon the correct amount of sugar (for black tea only, of course). The Jenn sugar scale is approximately thus*:

Great day = no sugar or 2 sugars, depending on my mood
Ok/average day = ½ sugar
Crappy day = 1 sugar
Seriously awful, murderous day = 2 sugars
Sick = 2 sugars

The amount of milk should always remain constant. When there is no milk to be had, the sugar scale goes out the window and I should probably just make it myself.

To his credit, Tim went to the commissary (i.e. grocery store) by himself today and, even though I was in a huff and told him not to bother, he came back with 100 Lipton black tea bags. A+.

Perfect cup of tea

*This scale is subject to change at any time, for any reason.


One thought on “Jenn’s Perfect Cup of Tea 101

  1. Your blog looks lovely! Let’s totes keep one another blogging…I’m excited to hear more about Okinawa, and I will keep you titilated with thrilling stories of Megatouch and doing laundry in my new dryer. It’s an exciting life here in CoMo :)

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